Friday, May 20, 2016

Birthdays and Chalk Art

There is a little tradition at our house of writing birthday wishes in chalk on our driveway. This works because we have a lot of late spring and summer birthdays. I usually do this the night before.  Yes, I am the weirdo out there in the middle of the night doing graffiti in my driveway. It was a lot easier when kids went to bed early. The one pictured below was washed away due to rain before the recipient saw the message.  BUT  I have photographic proof. My son said I should of made a sign! 

For my husband's birthday, I left the message below. I don't know if he appreciated the heartfelt message.

I love the temporariness of the art and how economical the making of the art. Pinterest has some great examples of much better driveway art.  Check out my pinterest board  - Driveway Chalk Art

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