Monday, August 31, 2015

What I learned August

Life is Fleeting
It is surprising how hard it is to find pictures of the Mom's in our playgroup
These are just a few of the Mom's
Believe this at the Zoo
I learned a mom from a playgroup I belong to with my first born (now 17) passed away.  I am heartbroken for her family. She was too young. She was too alive. I can honestly say she lived the length and breathe of her life. This Mom had a huge vibrant personality and she will be missed by so many.
Old Town Seattle
Most of Playgroup minus some of the girls

I had lost touch with many of those Moms in playgroup including this mom that passed away. These were the first Mommy friends I had.  We were all first time Mom's.  I learned so much from all these ladies. I didn't realize until the news of my friends death reached me how rare of gift that playgroup was and all the mom's were. I learned my first lessons of mothering from these mom's.  Their fingerprints are all over my mothering. We spent many hours in each other's houses, the zoo, the parks. There is something so bonding when you are going through the same stage of life. We all had very different styles of mothering and child raising yet we were pretty supportive of each other's choices. That is unique and rare. I feel privileged to know these Mom's.

One of my Favorite Playgroup Photos
My son is in the tan hat

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  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. It sounds like your playgroup was a unique gift. Maybe you and some of the other moms will be able to get together and catch up.