Monday, August 24, 2015

Cougar Calves and Moving into a Dorm

geocache here, BONUS!
I got the opportunity to go with Mrs. Epi and the Princess of Quite A Lot when they moved Bird Girl into WSU not last weekend but the one before.  I had never been to Pullman WA and I couldn't resist a drive and a move.
Honors Dorm and College
Princess of Quite A Lot waiting around
outside of dorm
Bird Girl formally know as Ms. Smarty Pants moved into the Honors Dorm.  These rooms are in suites. Bird Girls suite had 3 rooms, bathroom, and small kitchen/lounge.  So there are a total of 6 girls in their suite.  We were lucky to be there on moving day so the Resident Advisors and Custodians helped to provided some muscle to move stuff. I also have to say as this was a smaller dorm it looked like move in wasn't quite as chaotic.

Bird Girl's side of  the room
mandatory owl pic
First I want to say this College is on a hill.  Also this is a very large campus. I think it is basically up hill to EVERYTHING.  Of course, Mrs. Epi thought this was a challenge as we explored.  We definitely got our 10,000 steps. I definitely toned the calves.  They might not be cougar calves but were well on their way.

We did drive to see the bears though.  They had a bunch of cubs that were literally climbing the walls of the enclosure.
bear trying to beat the heat

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