Thursday, August 13, 2015

Luxembourg, a Hedge Maze, Leonardo De Venci, and Glacial Rock

You know you have had a interesting weekend when it included Luxembourg, a hedge maze, Leonardo De Venci, and Glacial Rock

Saturday we had the pleasure of meeting some geocachers visiting from Luxembourg.  I am pretty sure that it is the first time the Luxembourg flag has been spotted in Sedro Wolley. They had an event in Sedro Wolley which at first seems a highly unlikely spot but it turns out they have friends here.  It is always a lot of fun to meet up with other geocachers and swap some caching stories.

Afterwards we took our kids to The Berry Barn. They have a hedge maze.  We had a good time exploring that.

Maze Overview
Cody in the Maze
The Trees that make the maze are tall
Charlie on the Slide
We all tried it out. 
On Sunday, some of us continued our adventures with a really short trip into Canada to get our badges for geocaching road trip 15'. Just over the border, we completed a difficulty 5 cache - Leonardo's Log: The Renaissance "Selfie" Stop and the earth cache Aldergrove Park Glacial Erratic.

Our drawings in the cache - Leonardo's Log: The Renaissance "Selfie" Stop

Chuck holding the GPS in front of Giant Rock- Glacial Erratic
Rock Hugging is the Best- Glacial Erratic. Just for your info he hugged it
22 times.

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