Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What I learned in June

I am linking up with Chatting at the Sky and What I learned in June.

1. I learned we have this Arabic looking license plate hung up in my son's room upside down.  It is actually from Kuwait. My husband met someone who could actually tell us what it says- Kuwait 149715.

2. Making Monoprints is easy and a bit addicting even for adults. Post here where I did this with my teenage son. I am a little addicted to making sun prints.  It might be that it is really hot here.

Prints by me
3. My Butterfly Bush actually attracts Butterflies.  CRAZY! It works as advertised.

4. This sculpture that is at the train station at Mt Vernon, WA is actually called Alpha Helix and is made form Word War II Submarine Buoys by Joseph Kinnebrew. The sculpture can be seen from the main freeway(I-5) and I always wondered what the story was. We had a chance to do an art geocoin hunt in Mt Vernon and this sculpture was part of it.
Charlie and Giant Man Child on Alpha Helix

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