Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker - Jack of All Trades

Dear Diary,
I keep telling people I am not handy but no one believes me. 

As the saying goes, " Jack of All Trades, Master of None."  Last week, I clearly was trying to live up to that saying.

The week started with a day off from school but a day of work for my husband.  I had an extra child who was hanging out with us.  We were going to go geocaching but the rain held us back instead we got a donut. My hubby switched shifts and now works a swing shift. A shift he hasn't worked in about 13 years.  So far it has resulted mainly in a loss of sleep for both Mom and Dad.

Tuesday brought bible study and I tried Kombucha for the first time.  I thought the Kombucha was pretty good - This version had raspberry and chai seeds. I also got a call from school.  Love those school calls.  I always wonder if I am on speed dial.

Wednesday had me going with a group of ladies from bible study to pray and clean one of our members house who had surgery.  I have to say I have never served in this way. It was actually quite enjoyable cleaning someone else's house. I also have a new band name - " Flinging Poop."  Hey it is never dull moment around here.
The only picture I took the entire week
Charlie helping with Tonto cover installation.

Thursday had me waiting on the delivery of a Tonto cover for one of my husband's friends. It was suppose to arrive between 1 and 5.  It got here closer to 6.  Then me and my under 18 years of age wrecking crew helped to put it together.  Did I mention that my husband wasn't here to help his friend?  His friend definitely got the junior varsity team.  But by 8 it was on the truck and all the packing material disposed of. 

The week ended uneventfully. I got to use a variety of skills. Need me to fling some poop or help install a Tonto Cover I am your girl.

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