Friday, August 8, 2014

Point Whitehorn Low Tide

Charlie and Cody
A couple Sunday's back, we had a chance to visit Point Whitehorn Marine Park when there was a -1 tide.  The low tide exposed lots of sandy beach and tide pools.  The beach is normally a very rocky beach.  We arrived before the tide was completely out. 
That was lucky as the beach got very busy.  This beach has to be hiked into.  Though the hike is a small one (3/4 of a mile) complete with steep stairs at the end.
sea life stuck to bottom side of a boulder
Low tide exposed lots of sea creatures. 
I had commented to Mrs Epi on a previous adventure to Point Whitehorn that I haven't seen any starfish lately.  Well, we saw quite a few on our adventure at a negative tide.

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