Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kitty Litter Cabinet DIY

We have been having kitty litter problems.  We have 2 dogs and 2 cats.  The cats were being harassed by the large black dog despite our attempts to block him from the litter box. We finally ended up with a cat with a nasty urinary infection who would not use the litter box.  Don't use your imagination!  It was horrible.  We finally resorted to putting our litter box on a card table out of the dogs reach.  It is unsightly to say the least.  I am not even going to share a picture of it. I started to search for some kind of solution.  I landed on this Pet Studio MDF Litter Cabinet.
Picture from Amazon

I was unwilling to pay the $150 from amazon for this MDF solution.  Finally we found this metal file cabinet thing at the restore. 

The Giant Man Child cut a hole in the back. We also added some coating in the inside to help in clean up and seal some holes in the corner. The cabinet was only $30 and the spray brought this cabinet to under $50. 
The best part the cats are using it and the dogs can't quite figure it out. 

****edited to add - I am not calling this the Poop Cabana much to my sister's despair.  This is the Litter Palace.

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