Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Clutter Busting Day 5

I am linking up with Money Saving Mom Clutter Busting  Challenge Linky Party. Well, I have fallen behind posting pictures of my clutter busting activities.  My Goodwill pile is growing and growing. Day 5 included 5 cookbooks. Now I can actually place the cookbooks in my cupboard . This stack also included a book and some flash cards.

The most unusual thing that I have clutter busted was a park bench.  We broke down this busted down park bench.

The wood has been recycled into the wood pile.  I think the back with some clean up can be turned into some garden art to hang on the fence. This was a family affair because it took me, my husband, and child to break it all down.  While not completely gone.  It is less of an eyesore.

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