Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Boys Work

The boys brought home some interesting school work.  Thought I would share.  I am like that.
In Charlie's stack was a paragraph on his name and how he felt about it.
Charlie and Niki at Nonna's House
I was named after my pappy. His name is speacal because he was a very lucky WWII vetetan he helped build the Alaskan high way. I like my name I just don't like being called Charlie Brown that's a unhelpful part of being named Charlie. My Pappy was lucky because in WWII he missed a boat that I think 3 or 4 cats (Cats are a bull dozer in WWII) The boat sunk because of the weight of the cats.

Of course, once my youngest started showing me his work, my oldest went and grabbed his. This gem was in there - Character Traits Writing  Exercise.
#1 Son in Nonna's Backyard

4 words to describe something good about you

Because I work hard, I try not to give up. This means I have determination. I try to balance work and play. I like to get my project done quickly, while doing it to a quality of "good".

The underlined part cracked me up because that is him exactly. He was told he couldn't do his homework at school so now he does it on the bus. He cracks me up.

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