Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project Life Tuesday - Week 5

Please check out what everyone else is doing for Project Life at The Mom Creative.  I was so inspired last week by everyone else's project life pages. 
Week 5
We had a week of sickness at our house.  Ah Crud, summed up the week pretty accurately. I didn't have much to show for this week.  This is Project Life minimal.  The font for the " Happiness is..." and happiness list is LoveLove which I saw used in someone else's Project Life (wish I had bookmarked that).  I colored in the "Happiness Is.." with a yellow colored pencil.  It doesn't show up well in the picture above. The happiness list as follows

Happiness is..
warm lemon cake after a rough day
valentine decor
having your very own cactus
your barbers special blend of coffee

I decided to go small pictures because they weren't very good pictures other than the sunset picture taken by my Husband.

I love how my family contributes to my pages.  Once again I am amazed at how quickly this comes together even with the digital journaling.  


  1. Awesome that you documented the week even though it was a tough one. And great attitude focusing on the positive. I love your list.

  2. Sorry you guys were sick - that "ah crud" is a great way to document it!

  3. I'm sorry everyone was sick! That is cruddy. Love the Happiness Is journaling though. Really like that idea.