Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our very short Canadian Vacation

Boundary Bay
Yesterday, we went on a day trip to Canada.  We hoped to make it all the way to Point Roberts, WA.  The line up to get into Point Roberts for Customs was just too long.  We did have a grand old time of geo cache around Tsawwassen. No good Canadian trip would be complete without some Timbits.  I think it is mandatory that you stop at Tim Horton's. You knew I would somehow work this whole trip into something about donuts.

We also really enjoyed walking around Boundary Bay Regional Park and Centennial Beach. There is an awesome path for walkers, bikes, and dogs along the bay. This is another time when I wish we would of brought our bikes.We saw lots of different birds and bald eagles. I can see why this is a prime bird watching area.
Duck Butts just because that is a funny caption.

The kids thought this square concrete cutout looked like a Hobo House.  I don't know where they got that from.

We saw these cocoon's covered in little caterpillars hanging from trees. Not sure what to make of these. The picture really doesn't do it justice.
We also checked out park in Tsawwassen called Difenbaker Park. We found a geocache here.  I would like to go back and play here.  They have a really neat Rotary Waterworks Playground that just opened last year.  It looks like a great splash park.  The park had a really neat pond and waterfall too.
#1 Son walking along pond
We completed our day with a First to Find geocache.  This is the 2nd time our time has been the first to find a recently placed geocache.  This one was called one way rock cache and involved looking for a small container located in a rock wall. This was back in the USA. All in all not a bad day and a great way to end our day.


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