Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book It 2011 - March

I read Mansfield Park by Jane Austen as part of Life as Mom's Book it 2011. It is the first book I read on my Kindle. I received the Kindle as a gift. Thanks Nonna! Mansfield Park is a free download to the Kindle. I have read other Austen books but not Mansfield Park. It took me a while to get through.

The general premise is Franny Price is sent to live with her wealthy relatives when she was 10. She is basically a servant and companion. The main part of the book is centered of the coming of age of the cousins and Franny. It is the soap opera of who is marrying who and not so subtle maneuvering one does to find a mate. For a much better and accurate summary see here.

I wanted to shout at or maybe shake Franny Price several times throughout the book. I wanted her to stand up for herself. It seemed like all the other woman characters were a lot more assertive than Franny. I realize though those women could be more assertive because of their position. I actually wrote that in my notes that I like Franny Price but I wanted her angry sooner. I wanted her to stand up for herself way before Henry. Does anyone else think Edmund just settled for Franny because he couldn't have Mary? I know it is the happy ending of Edmund and Franny but it was just wrapped up a little too neatly for me.


  1. This was the first book I read on my Kindle, too! What a coincidence! I thought the ending wrapped up a little too quickly and neatly, too, but I think that's consistent with the rest of Austen's books. Fanny's not my favorite Austen heroine, either.

  2. Austen does tend to wrap up her books quickly, but even so, I love "Mansfield Park" and am happy that Fanny and Edmund got together in the end. Do I think he settled? No, I think he realized it's better to marry your friend than to marry for outward beauty and in the end, found himself to be happier for life with Fanny than he ever would have been with Mary. Interesting review - enjoyed reading your take on it! :-)

  3. Like Carrie, I don't think Edmund settled for Fanny. However, the end of the novel would be much more satisfying if the end was more dramatic than Edmund looking up one day after months(?) of pining for Mary and thinking, "Isn't Fanny sweet. We should get married." I wish Fanny would have grown a spine and told Edmund that she loved him rather than just waiting and waiting and waiting.

  4. It was interesting how Edmund initially identified the character flaw of Mary Crawford, but still was attracted to her.