Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Facts

Foggy Sunrise April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day !

What am I doing today: I hope to purchase the last of the fabric for a little cowboy rag quilt. It for a baby Texan. I need to unleash my inner Texan! Yippee!

This made me laugh: This post by Rocks in my Dryer made me laugh.

I am thankful for: New Friends and Old Friends - I am thankful for a little bit of sun so it feels like SPRING. I am anxious to garden again. May 2 is the big Master Gardener Sale. People go a little nuts for the cheap plants.

Projects I am working on: Cowboy Rag Quilt - I am also helping the Giant Man Child with a hot tub deck in the backyard. I also need to do some more yard work while the weather is good.

Song stuck in my head: People are Strange

Phrase stuck in my head: Cute and Cuddly, Boys - penguins of Madagascar.

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