Monday, April 27, 2009

101 Reasons the Polyester Princess should visit

101. I have a GUEST Room
100. You will be far away from our PARENTS
99. I know how to make waffles
98. Your co-workers will be far away
97. You can see the totem of death up close
96. I have liquor.
95. I can expose you too all the kooks up here
94 We can go to the local dairy and have ice cream cones
93. I'll take you to my Favorite Goodwill.
92. We can still around my fire pit in the backyard and have red cup drinks and marshmallows
91. We can watch our kids run around crazy in the spray park
90. I will amuse you
89. Can you say STARBUCKS!
88. go for a dip in the hot tub
87. Mt Baker ( I promise it won't erupt - at least I don't think it will)
86. I know the way to the Space Needle
85. Casino's ( 4 in our county)
84. Lots of Totem Art
83. Chihuly Glass
82. I AM AMAZING - enough said
81.We can visit the Peace Arch
80. Birch Bay
79. Crab
78. Ferries
77. We can roast hot dogs around my fire pit
76. We can make fun of the Giant Man Child in his Pickle Suit
75. Kangaroo Farm- hold a baby joey
74. go tide pooling
73. Find bones when looking for sea glass (just kidding)
72. I'll make you M&M Cookies
71. Meet Mrs Epi and her adventure van
70. Have a drink with Mrs Respiratory Therapist
69. Let you children play at the school playground- It is right in our backyard
68. Go down the slide at Eagleridge playground
67. Go berry picking
66. Visit Heather Meadows
65. Go rock hounding in Walker Valley
64. Jetty Island
63. Pacific Science Center
62 Ballard Locks
**** More to come. Feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion


  1. I love number 82. You Are Awesome!

  2. How about Bob's Burger and Brew, and Anthony's? Some of the best chow around...

    If she behaves maybe even Stanley and Seafords. That place is off the chart awesome.