Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stages of Spring Break

It is spring break here. I have a little spring break theory. I have decided there are some definite stages to spring break and I JUST had to share

Stage 1 (Everybody loves Everyone) Children are excited to be on Spring Break. They play with each other nicely or alone. Everything is Rainbows and Lollipops.

Stage 2 (Momma isn't happy) Children revert to annoying. Can I have this, Can I do this, Why can't I do this? It is beautiful outside but I want to play inside and be annoying. Why can't everyone get along?

Stage 3 ( When do we go back to school?) Children WANT to go back to school because it is so BORING being at home with good old Mom. Mom tries to come up with some fun ideas only to be told that it is hopelessly boring. Children aren't interested in Mom's ideas or cleaning challenges. Mom loves school.

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