Monday, January 5, 2009


I just received my Sewing and Stitchery Expo brochure. The Sewing Expo is Feb 26,27, 28, and March 1 at the Puyallup Fair and Events Center. I have yet to attend . Something always comes up but hope springs eternal. The Threadbangers are going to be there on Sunday, March,1 for a Threadbanger's Recycle Rama. I haven't heard about them until recently. I was browsing blogs and saw that Alliwoo was going to attempt one of their projects. Threadbangers are into recycled sewing projects. Doesn't the name sound like a bad metal band. I know several mommies that are great at this recycled clothing stuff. Check out Making a Home and her project for some play dresses. I wish I had some girls. Fifi Banjello is the expert at this recycle stuff. Check out this grocery bag from a tank top. She also has several other projects that she has done from recycled clothing items.

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