Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Week in my Life

I have been working on "A week in my Life" project found on Ali Edwards blog. I have finally completed the actual scrapbook portion of it. YEAH! It really highlighted my change of season in my personal life. I noticed that there are lots of pictures of things and my kids but none of me. I've got kinda lost. It highlighted the in-between feeling that I am having. I am able to fill my days but is it with activities that are quality or simple busyness. I am on the cusp of seeking more employment or volunteering more time. There are pros and cons to both. I am really missing connecting with other Moms that I did through MOPS and preschool and taking care of Chuckles and #1 Son. That has been my identity for so long that I feel kinda lost without it.
I also feel so lucky that I have some great friends that keep me grounded (Mrs Epi and Mrs Respiratory Therapist)who can laugh with me or at me. I also have the Polyester Princess to laugh at me and remind me I am still older than her.
I am still finding my purpose. I am OKwith that.

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