Saturday, November 1, 2008


Princess, Bones, #1 Son, and Chuckles

#1 Son wanted to be a ghost and after the whole Clone Trooper Debacle Chuckles decided he too would be a ghost. #1 Son kept saying this idea for a costume looked better on paper. LOL He told me next year he wants to be Luke Skywalker.

Big E (Didn't get a pic of his sister, The Diva. She was an adorable Dorothy.)

Me - Princess Fiona (Stop laughing Polyester Princess - the IHOP Queen)

Emma our Neighbor did this pumpkin - It's says Boo with Obama's Face. Her parents are McCain supporters. She totally free handed Obama's face. Impressive!

Giant Man Child's Pumpkin lit up

All in all it was a nice Halloween as the all day rain stopped. We had a lovely meal of mummy dogs and vampire cookies prior to trick or treating. It was perfect weather for trick or treating. We only had about 20 trick or treaters. Our street is secluded so that isn't that unusual. One of the best costumes we saw was a whole family dress as the Incredibles (Mom and Dad and kids).

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