Monday, November 3, 2008

Read Aloud

We have been working on some read aloud. It is a struggle to find books that fit a Kindergartner and a 5th grader. Sometimes it just is easier to read to them separately. As Mrs Respiratory and I were glancing through the Scholastic book order form, we were discussing how difficult it to choose books. There are so many good ones out there. My Kindergartner is working on all those lovely sight words so I have been really concentrating on finding early readers so he can help me read. We have been doing a lot of reading. So, I went back to the bible of reading aloud, Jim Trelease The Read-Aloud Handbook for some suggestions. This book was recommended to me when #1 Son first started to read. Trelease makes some compelling arguments for continuing to read aloud even up until High School. You just have to be a little more subtle and crafty. LOL My 5th grader enjoys reading with me sometimes he is just a listener and other times he helps in the reading. He will read just about anything. I have to admit though I have somewhat fallen down on reading aloud with him so I hope to get back to doing that with him. It is rewarding for both of us.

Chuckles reading - age 2?

Chula Vista - 2003? Chuckles and #1 Son

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