Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Fever Book Reviews

Once again, I am linking up to Modern Mrs Darcy's Quick Lit.  This was a better reading month for me.

I was so excited to get the Floret Cut Flower Garden book.  Floret is actually not to far from where I live. I have been following Erin's blog for a bit. This is book is so good.

I am anxious to get out in my garden. I have been talking about how inspired I am to have a cut flower garden this year. Mine will be small. Erin makes a Cut Flower Garden so approachable.  The pictures in this book are amazing. I can't stop gushing about this book.

Loved this article - What happened to traditional floral bouquets?

Rise  by Cara Brookins is another book I tackled this past month.  I think many people may have heard of Cara's house building project using YouTube videos.  This book was brought to my attention through this article by CNN. This is really a remarkable story of a single Mom to 4 kids building a home.  Cara is a domestic abuse survivor and the remarkable behind the story of her journey of rebuilding her life after leaving her abusive husband and prior to that a husband that was a scary schizophrenic. You can't not read this and not admire Cara and her kids.  They are survivors. This book isn't eloquently written but it is raw and real. If you can build a house, you can do anything.

Lastly, I read A Tender Struggle by Krista Bremer.  This book I had the most mixed feelings about. The language in this book is beautiful.  I think the word pictures is what kept me reading.  This is a memoir about Krista's marriage to a Muslim from Libya.  Krista describes herself as a feminist.  This is a true story about a marriage of people from 2 very different cultures. Krista retells her visit to Libya when Muammar Gaddafi was in power. Sometimes it was a bit raw but it was definitely interesting.

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