Thursday, February 2, 2017

What is Saving Me 2017

It is officially the midpoint of winter.  It is definitely dark up here in the Pacific Northwest. Gray is the official color. I am joining the Modern Mrs Darcy's What is Saving Me Link Up

This pink poinsettia which I somehow haven't managed to kill yet.  It is still blooming it heart out.  It is a bright spot in my house. Now it is going to die - ha ha

Due to so many people suggesting the Gilmore Girls, I have been binge watching  it on Netflix. It is my guilty pleasure.

Podcasts - I am getting more into listening to Podcasts. My current favorites are Reply All and Undisclosed. My husband and I have a lot of time discussing various Reply All episodes. The quirky nature of this show is intriguing.

My Son going to High School Transition classes. He is on the autism spectrum and transition classes are teaching him about the world of work.  This also gives me a a break as he has somewhere to go. He has an internship.

Project Life- I am a big fan of  Digital Project Life App.  I love being able to scrapbook from my phone.

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  1. Hooray for Gilmore Girls! It has saved my life many times now.