Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mediocre Homemaker - Wedding Crashing

Dear Diary
I crashed a wedding this past weekend.  I have never done anything like it. IT was nothing like Wedding Crashers the movie.
Foote Lagoon
Loveland CO
Gabe and Brittany
Last week, I was in Colorado helping my sister move.  Her son, my oldest nephew, was in a wedding as a groomsman.  I got to tag along and see the ceremony and go to reception.  I was technically not invited. So you could say I crashed the wedding.
My husband remarked on seeing our nephew that it reminded him of the ZZ Top song - Sharp Dressed Man.  My nephew also gave a lovely toast to the couple at the reception. I wish Gabe and Brittany all the love and happiness that marriage brings.
My Nephews

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