Monday, March 21, 2016

Star Wars Rag Quilt AND MORE

I had a chance to meet a friend of friend of a friend that moved to my area over a year ago.  This new friend is pregnant and a Star Wars fan.  So much a fan, that her nursery for her baby is decorated in Star Wars.  That got me to thinking.  You know me.  This baby needs a quilt.  So the plotting started and this is the result. I think it is subtly Star Wars.
Front of Quilt
This quilt is a mix of cotton fabric on one side and flannel on the other.  This quilt ended up ragging extremely well.  I usually choose to do the quilt entirely in flannel but I wasn't thrilled with the Star Wars flannels so I decided to do flannel in regular baby flannel. My friend Mrs Epi lent her expertise in the layout. This was probably the most difficult layout to date.
Back of Quilt
A slight hijack of this post.  There is some really cool nursery ideas and whatnot out there on pinterest for Star Wars Stuff.

AT-AT Rocker

Interesting Post on a Star Wars Baby Shower

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