Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What I did during Spring Break

This blog post feels like a lot like a school assignment.  Well duh, I hung out with kiddos.  Excitement is overrated. My kid came home from school yesterday and said, "So, we had a stay vacation, right?" -Pretty much

We started a spring break with a hike on the Saturday before Easter.  We took one of the trails off of Cleator Road in Larrabee State Park.  We had planned on doing the rock trail but my husband didn't want to be pulled down the 130 stairs by the dog. We did make it to the feature on one of the trails called the chin scrapper.  Glad we turned around at this point. We found a few geocaches so it was all good.
Sitting a top the Chin Scrapper

Long View of the Chin Scrapper

We hung out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  We walked tenant lake , visited the library, grocery shopped.
Ramp for Pappy
On Thursday and Friday we went to Nonna's house in Tacoma.  Kevin built a ramp for pappy.  The kids I am so glad a geocache brought us to this wonder. (see pic)

They had this awesome tree slice.  The tree was born in 1358!

On Saturday, we helped a co-worker of Kevin's move. 

That was our wonderful spring break.

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