Sunday, April 19, 2015

After Prom Linky

Spring Break is over. Time to get back to the linky LOVE. Yesterday was Prom here so here is some light reading for you.
Sunset last night

100 years ago, people were eating things most of us will never taste.   This is really interesting how big government has influenced what is grown and how seed sharing has brought back some long lost varieties.

Do Public School Students Need Special Ed anymore?  I have some strong feelings about this as I have a High Functioning Autistic son who does a lot better in a self contained classroom. This is a great look at what education reformers think.  I also discussed this in 2013 - The State of Autism.  I stand by the last paragraph to this day.

There is so much talk about including special populations but what if inclusion sometimes is counterproductive.  Not to mention that inclusion is sometimes done without much thought for neural typical kids or special need kids. Sometimes, well intention inclusion comes at a cost to both populations.  I do know that a child in a environment that is too overwhelming can't learn academically and they suffer both socially and emotionally regardless if it is the most restrictive or the most inclusive environment. . I still don't know what the middle ground is between too large of environment and one that is too restrictive?  Finding the sweet spot seems elusive.

Stuck for what to make for Dinner. I totally know I get in a cooking rut. Check out Cooking Light's low budget options.

Your Predisposition is Not Your Future - Oh lots of food for thought here.

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