Monday, September 1, 2014

What I Learned in August

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My youngest has been watching again Ghostbusters.  As we were watching it with him, both my husband and I commented that it would be awesome to update the special effects.  Next morning on the radio, I hear that Ghostbuster III is going to be a remake with an all female cast.  I think it is an interesting idea.  August 28th was National Ghost Busters Day - Remember don't cross the streams. LOL

Because my son really wiped out on his bike, I was reminded that I too reminded that I wiped out on the hill in front of my childhood home.  I keep telling him scars have stories.  I use to have a great one on my elbow from that wipeout on the hill that I got falling off my bike..

The other day my son asked me to color with him.  He is 12.  I had things to do but I thought why not.  He starts middle school in a few days.  I loved slowing down with him. This might be the last time he asks me to do that.  Time passes too quickly. 

I learn so much from my kids.  My oldest (16) is EXTREMELY goal oriented.  He made a list of things he wanted to accomplish this summer and I think he did well at accomplishing his goals.  I think, often times as parents, we too reevaluate our goals as school starts. I have been using Life as Mom's Post It To Do/journal sheet. 

I found that I don't keep this in a 3 ring notebook until I finished the week.  So I put it in a sheet protector and place the post it on top of the protector.  I usually only cross off This Week Goals and This Month Goals once a day.  The sheet was getting ratty without the protector as I seem to carry it around.. All my little notes - grocery list, books to read, quotes I write on the back of this sheet. 
I made some tweaks and I find myself accomplishing more using this tool.  I am goal setting.  I needed that. I hate to give up my handy dandy notebooks but this is making sense to me right now.
Not Native
I call this photo "Geranium in the Woods"
We were out geocaching, imagine that, we came across a geranium growing under the tree.  We were pretty deep in the woods. It was unclear if someone planted or what.  I am pretty sure geraniums are not native Washington. This is reminded me of the saying, "Grow where you are planted."

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