Thursday, December 1, 2011

ReAdvent Day 1 - Challenging

Sunrise this Morning
I am going to attempt to do the Princess Lasertron's ReAdvent Series.  I did some of these last year.  The first day is Challenging. 

Challenging could be my middle name.  It has been a difficult challenging year.  My mother in law's breast cancer returned but she beat it.  My son was officially diagnosed with High Functioning Autism.  Our dog of 12 years passed away.  I gained a lot of weight despite my vow to lose 40 by 40.

As I was looking back through my blog archives, I realized I am pretty good at highlighting the positives in my life.  I always say I can't go down the rabbit hole of  rumination.  I have enough people in my life that do that.  It is not to say that occasionally I don't go there. 

My weight is challenging to me and at the beginning of the year I really worked on that but life got in the way.  I know intellectually what I need to do but it is challenging  mentally to say myself, " By eating that, it isn't going to change my emotions."  It is OK to feel mad, angry, lonely. I give myself  permission to feel. I AM GOING TO BE HEALTHIER.  Maybe if I put that out in the universe, I will remember that and strive for healthier.

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