Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tour 2011

I am joining the Nester's Annual Christmas Tour.  It is so great to see how everyone else decorates.  

I have a small Shiney Brite collection that I like to display on thrifted glass candle holders.  It is arranged a little different every year.  The arrangement is on top of my Curio Cabinet safe from children and cats. This year I added these jingle trees from all places - Walgreen's.  I know it is a lot of bling but I like it. 

My tribute to the movie ELF - Elf garland. It has become a tradition to make a snowflake garland. We made coffee filter snowflakes and hung them on a tinsel garland wrapped in twinkle lights.  There are some excellent directions at Mega Crafty on how to stiffen the coffee filter snowflakes. There are also beaded snowflakes and Popsicle snowflakes plus some dollar store snowflakes thrown in for good measure.

THE TREE (need I say MORE)

I am loving this snowman display by my sink. They were made by a friend. They are  simply painted 2x4's that have been dressed as snowmen.  There is a paper chain across the entire sink window.

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  1. Those snowmen are adorable! I love the snowflake garland, too. Very nice!

  2. Lovely decorations, I like your shiny brite display.