Sunday, November 20, 2011

cold caching

When it gets cold and clear, the tough go geocaching.  Well, maybe not so tough.  We headed out yesterday morning.  Despite the zipper dying on my jacket.  My hubby wore mine and gave me his to wear - sweet isn't it.  We found 10 caches and 1 was a puzzle cache.  A puzzle cache is a geocache were you must complete a clue to find  the final coordinates for the cache.  Needless to say we have only a couple of those we have completed. Our first stop after eating breakfast was Monfort Park in Blaine.  The view was awesome.
We drove around Drayton Harbor and did a roadside cache.  That is Kevin in cache retrieval mode.  It was literally a drop off . He is our guy for those kind of caches.
We made it to Semiahmoo and realized it was the middle of high tide and we needed two caches on the beach so we went to plan "B".  There were also quite a few people out and about - bird watchers and walkers. WE ended up driving up down the spit a couple of times. I can only imagine what people were thinking. The wind was a little brutal. We did a puzzle cache that ended in this piece of driftwood that looks like a dragon.
Chuckles on Dragon
We left Semiahmoo and headed to the heavily wooded Halverson Park in Birch Bay.  None of us had ever been here before.  #1 Son ended up making the grab for us.  It was a bloody hand, nice.
We headed back to Skallman Park in Blaine to find a cache that we missed before. It ended up being in a fake rock. It is the first rock one we have ever found.
Giant Man Child in my jacket
Our last stop of the day was Lincoln Park in Blaine.  We found 2 caches here.  One was called "Forgotten Giant"
Me and #1 Son
The boys found this other "Forgotten Giant'. 

#1 Son, Giant Man Child, Chuckles
 All in all a great day to spend as a family caching.

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