Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last week there was a request from the crew to make SLIME!  I said OK.  I am all about 7 am slime. This was hit.  I got 100% participation which is a rarity these days. A little glue, water, borax, and food coloring and your set. This was a cheap experiment too.  I was able to get the  regular school glue at  40 cents a bottle.  I used the recipe at  Our Best Bites. The kids wanted to try clear glue.  The Idea Room had a glow in dark slime and a good video explaining the making of slime and polymers.

Today, we used clear glue.  These were see through.  I think the regular glue worked better. The clear stuff seems to fracture and not be so much of a blob.  The kids loved it, though. Some of us made creatures such as BOB the BLOB by Big E.

Eventually everyone mixed there clear and regular slime together.  Chuckles was definitely the nicest looking but Big E's looked like some weird upchuck - yuk.

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