Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oxford Park and Geocaching

This is a two for one post (Geocache and playground tour) I decided to take the crew out Geocaching, Monday  This was the first time for the Diva and Big E so we started at cache that we were familiar with. We journeyed to Oxford Park. 

This is a little pocket park. The kids monkeyed around for a bit.  This park is probably more suitable for the younger set. The kids had fun climbing up the slide and going over the monkey bars.We did find the cache.

Then we ventured to Hovander Park.  There is a cache there that we have been trying to find since we started geocaching.  Armed with flashlights and sharper eyes, we found it. They say the 3rd time is a charm. I wasn't getting let some black Tupperware defeat me. We also wandered over to Tennant Lake on the path.  We climbed the tower there too.

Along the way we found another cache. By that time, most of the crew was done.

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