Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Putting Away Christmas

It seems once all the gifts are open my desire to take down the tree intensifies. My house looks like a tornado hit it. I like to have my tree down before New Year's Day. I like putting up the decorations much more than actually taking them down. A couple years ago, I developed a box that I keep stored in the house that is the first one I open for Christmas decorations. All the rest of the Christmas stuff is stored in the garage. (Picture above is of the box.) It is also the first one packed. It has the stockings, tree skirt, Christmas books, and wall hangings. This year I decided I also needed to put in the Christmas Cards I bought on clearance and the Christmas music. Maybe December 2009 will be more organized. I can hear my Mom snickering all the way from Colorado. I am not known for my organizational skills. Now, can someone come and help me organize all those darn ornaments and knicknack's? Just for the record, this is the only box I currently have packed up. I am a little behind schedule. There is still a whole tree to take down.


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