Tuesday, December 30, 2008


translation: I don't want to hear about Bakugan. NO, I don't want to know how to play.

I just had to share this blog post at All a Dither. She links to this post at Ann Nahm. These made me laugh.I can't believe other mommies have these same thoughts. They summed up nicely all my secret mommy thoughts or not secret thoughts I have been having today. It has been a long day today. I took 4 animals to the vet with two children in tow. Then I topped all that off with a grocery store trip with two children. IT has been a long day. I don't really want to hear about Backugan ( however it is spelled.) I was not delighted when Chuckles declared today that when he grew up he wants to watch TV for a living - seriously. He wasn't too happy when we told him he couldn't do that when he grew up.