Friday, June 1, 2018

What I Learned This Spring

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Neglect Works (Sometimes)

I have tried to grow sweet potato slips in the past unsucessfly.  Yes, I know I live in the Pacific Northwest but a girl has to try anyway. I accidentally left a bag of sweet potatoes on my counter and they sprouted.  So, I have started the great sweet potato experiment.

What the Heck is a Mellophone?

My son transitioned from the trumpet to the french horn this December.  But for parade season, he also had to learn the Mellophone. A mellophone is essentially a marching french horn.  Hey, I was in orchestra. This band thing is a whole new world.

Floret Seeds
Daisies and Orange Calendula

This year I treated myself to some special seeds from Floret.  I have grown regular Calendula - orange kind in the past.  So I was so excited to see some other colors- bronze beauty, pink surprise, and ivory princess.

Dill is Part of the Mustard Family

So no matter how lush and bushy the dill looks growing by the ocean.  Yes there is dill in the above picture. Don't let your friend run her fingers through it when she is allergic to it. That is my PSA for the day.  Luckily she had some bendaryl with her when her hand became all tingly.

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