Sunday, May 21, 2017

Autism Linky

Just some interesting Autism links that I found helpful and interesting.

Groundbreaking Research links Autism with Histamine, inflammation and mast cell activation - try to say that 3 times fast.  I think there might be something here.

Autism Goes Mainstream, Is it Enough? This is a question I have asked numerous times.  In my opinion, I don't think so.

Shedding New Light on Learning Disabilities

What Inspired Me to Help Improve the Lives of  Those with Autism - interesting article about organization Coding Autism which seeks to train and place those with autism in the technology sector.

When Behavior is the Disability

Researchers have ditched the vaccines cause autism theory  Here is what they think causes Autism.

World's Largest Autism Genome Shines Light On The Many Autisms

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