Friday, December 23, 2016

December Daily - Sugar Cookie Cutout Ritual

Dec 22nd

Decorating Sugar Cookies is definitely a thing we do at our house.  I love it when my Mom and Dad are visiting because it is definitely their thing. Both of them really get into it.  However, this year I was on my own.  I pre-made the cutouts .  I find that my kids have sugar cookie ADD.  They will decorate for about 5 minutes.  Baking and decorating in the same day is something I try to avoid. Sugar cookie decorating kinda stresses me out. 

This year I did decorating with my son's and the kid I babysit.  It was messy and fun.  I tried the chocolate powdered sugar frosting (Betty Crocker) for one of the colors.  It was quite good.  I think it might of been my babysitting kid's first time doing sugar cookies.  He was pretty darn excited. 

***loved this reflection on Christmas Rituals at Dinner: The Love Story- Doorways into Christmas

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