Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Broccoli, Jerry Seinfeld, Insurance Reform

Much has come out in the last month and half about gains in Autism Research.  As a parent to a kid on the spectrum, I like to keep abreast of such things.

There was a recent study that was done that a chemical compound found in broccoli sprouts aka sulforaphane can lessen the effects of Autism. After reading about the study, I pretty much wanted to run out and purchase broccoli sprout extract .  The funny thing or maybe the ironic thing is broccoli is one of my aspie's favorite vegetable unfortunately he would have to consume an ungodly amount to get the same results.  Autism Daddy had a pretty comprehensive post on broccoli research and the fever effect. Here is the link to Seattle Children's Autism Center Blog

There was a lot of hub bub about Jerry Seinfeld being on the spectrum.  I place this in the category that anything that helps awareness is great and I am for. More importantly, I am not sure that it actually increases acceptance.

Washington State became the 38th state to require autism coverage.  This is HUGE.  Maybe now my kid can receive ABA therapy. My guess is even with this change all the result will be is a lack of providers.

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