Thursday, December 5, 2013

Odd Squirrel Moment

I don't know if this falls under squirrel moment or not.  We sat in the Emergency Room on Wednesday for 5 hours. My youngest son's twirling resulted in him fracturing his foot.  Apparently he comes from a long line of 5th grade foot fracturers - me, Pappy, Kevin. So these are my squirrel moments from the Emergency Room. 

All these people ended up here because of their choices, all be it, some of them had that choice made for them.

How a person behaves under stress can tell you a lot about them.

Yes, you can get so stinkin drunk you can't stand up. This actually caused my son to mention to me that HE IS NEVER GOING TO DRINK. Maybe a trip to the emergency room for observation purposes should be mandatory for tweens.

You REALLY shouldn't give Mountain Dew and Doritos to a toddler at 11 pm at night and not expect them to melt down.  SERIOUSLY!  I try not to judge but a wound up out of control toddler in crowded waiting room is a recipe for disaster.

I appreciate the holiday decorations even though the scotch taped garland was a little kitschy for me. However, the ER is suppose to be a safer place so the glass balls on the Christmas tree maybe not the best idea.  Did I mention there was a out of control toddler? 

Bouncing a toddler who has the potential to puke not a good idea.

This one is for Mrs EPI.  I tried desperately to NOT TOUCH anything.  That was extremely difficult. I admit it I am a toucher. There is really not enough sanitizer in the world for a ER visit on a cold night.

Lastly, there were so many times that during the night I wanted to help parent some kids.  It was extremely hard for me not to volunteer my help. 

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