Friday, March 16, 2018

Leprechaun Gold Hunt

At our house, we have a long tradition of Leprechaun Gold Hunts. However my little people are no longer little but since we are babysitting a 2nd grader in the morning, we did a hunt.  It was hit.  Even kids who are anti planned activities seem to get into this.

Our hunt had a couple day lead up to it.  We made a leprechaun trap one day.  It trapped a kid - Ha!

On the next day, the leprechaun left green footprints.  Oh the name of our Leprechaun is Roy G Biv and he is quite ornery.

The very next day Roy G Biv left signs taunting us.

Lastly we had the hunt.  I used clues from Oopsey Daisy.   I don't have any pictures of the hunt or the gold.  We had chocolate gold coins and Cheetos.  The little one I am babysitting isn't a big fan of sweets but does love Cheetos.

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